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2 Night Package Bali to SW Gilis to NW Gilis

Red Coral and Mana Rays
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'Snorkel Mania'

The Very Best Snorkeling in Lombok or Bali


Snorkel Gili Ringgit

9 meter Professional Sport Fisher

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"Let the Beauty Soothe your Soul"

Enjoy the Best Snorkeling in Lombok or Bali on the 9 meter Safe and Certified for 12 passengers 'Scorpio' - See 4 different gili island locations in 4.5 hours via Scorpio starting about 9AM most everyday. There are many beautiful huge coral heads next to fish loaded valleys and trenches only one to four meters below the surface. There is every kind of soft and hard coral you can imagine: And the schools of tropical fish are amazing. 200,000Rp per person+ 5% tip for the professional captain and crew.

Gallery Underwater

Surf Transport and Excellent Sport Fishing Also Available

She is also available for Sport Fishing Charters around the SW. Gilis and Banko Banko: This is where the fish are and the beauty supreme. Price for sport fishing trips range from $150 to $325. And private transport from Bali To south west Lombok is possible upon special request.

Sport Fishing Info and Pictures

. There are shaded private beach Gazebos at Gili Ringgit and Gili Layar for the those who want a little relaxing time after the fantastic snorkeling.  You can walk the beachs and collect a few shells. But please just a few shells as more and more tourists discover the secret islands the shell collecting will likely not be allowed soon.  The picture on the right is an example of Red Coral growing under water. You may just find a piece of red coral laying on the beach. A lucky find indeed!

   Below is a Parrot Fish. They are prevalent in the SW Gili islands.  They are said to sleep in a bed of their own mucous cocoon to protect them from both predator 'Ells' and tiny 'gnathiid isopods' that are like underwater mosquitos.  One of the most beautiful fishes in the world.

snorkel mania parrot fish

  Red coral

    Snorkel Lovers love it here because the visibility is clear and full of amazing Marine Life.


Snorkel Lady and Turtle Love
Professional Captain and Crew snorkel Lombok

  • * FREE use of 1 double Kayak for Guest staying 3 or more nights.
  • 4 hours Guided Tour for up to 4 persons in 2 double Kayaks - 150,000 Rp per 4 hr double Kayak (single or double occupancy). Rental 50,000 rp per half day if not guided, 100,000Rp whole day.
  • 9 meter Half Day Snorkel Trip - For special half day 4 location Snorkel trip - minimum 3 person $22 per person-max 10 adults and 2 Kids.
  • Surf Transport Deserts- 1/2Day - 4 Persons $25 per person or minimum $80
  • 9 meter Sport Fishing Boat - whole day 8+hours - $450 includes light breakfast, Drinks & Lunch/ Three quarter Day 6+ hours- $350 - includes light breakfast & Drinks
  • Fish the famous Banko Banko fishing grounds & beyond aboard Scorpio     'More Sport Fishing info'  The view of rocky cliffs and caves are incredible.


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