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Dream Fast Boat Packages Around Lombok

2 Night Package Bali to SW Gilis to NW Gilis


'Snorkel Mania' The Very Best Snorkeling in Lombok

'Sport Fishing' with Supreme Beauty to the South West Caves

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Professional Snorkel/Dive Boat

Snorkel Gili Ringgit

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Surf Transport and Excellent Sport Fishing Also Available


Secret Island Resort also has a sailing Kayak trimaran for experienced sailors and two double Kayaks and one single kayak mentioned below: Water Sports are supreme in the 12 SW. Gili islands where there are miles and miles of flat calm prestine waters. If you like Snorkeling, you will Love It after experiencing 'Snorkel Mania'

Enjoy the Best Snorkeling in Lombok with our 6 meter speed boat 'Verscor' or our deluxe 9 meter 'Scorpio'; Certified for 12 passengers - She is also available for Sport Fishing Charters around the SW. Gilis and Banko Banko: This is where the fish are and the beauty supreme. Price for Sport Fishing Trips range from $150 to $395. And private transport from Bali To South West Lombok is possible upon special request.

Snorkeling to 3 or 4 different Gili island locations via Scorpio


Kayaking- Group trips or indepentant excursions single or double kayaking is available during the day. If you are a sailor try this 'Sailing Kayak' shown above. The sea current will make your kayaking easy. There is a small sand island (see picture below) with very good snorkeling not to far from Secret Island Resort. You can check out the Tembowong bay Pearl buoys. The Farm area factories don't allow an inside tour; but you can observe a lot of what they do from a Kayak. There are shaded private beach Gazebos on the other side of the Gili Gede island at Gili Ringgit and Gili Layar for the physically strong Kayakers. Rent a double Kayak or get one free with 3 or more day stay. 


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Snorkel Lovers & Cruising Yachts love it here because the ocean is clear, protected and full of marine life.

"Let the Beauty Soothe your Soul"

Friendly Professional Captain & Crew
Professional Captain and Crew snorkel Lombok

     * FREE use of 1 double Kayak for Guests staying 3 or more nights. This beautiful sand bar gili island is about a 45 minute paddle from Secret Island Resort front beach.

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  • 4 hours Guided Tour for up to 4 persons in 2 double Kayaks - 150,000 Rp per 4 hr double Kayak (single or double occupancy). Rental 50,000 rp per half day if not guided, 100,000Rp whole day.  Or just rent yourself and explore so many amazing reefs.
  • 9 meter Half Day 5 hour Snorkel Trip - For special half day 4 location Snorkel trip - minimum 3 person $22 per person-max 10 adults and 2 Kids.
  • Also 6 m Speed boat for up to 4 people, Fast and cheaper snorkel trips charter.
  • Surf Transport Deserts- 1/2Day - $25 per person or minimum $80- three or less people.
  • 'More Sport Fishing info'  The view of rocky cliffs and caves are incredible.
  • Most Sorry - Presently Scorpio Boat is under repairs until further notice


Environmental Statement - At Secret Island Resort we are trying to advance Ecological conditions. Many of our out door chairs are made from used motorbike tires. 80% of all wood building materials are 100+ year old teak and iron wood. All toilets are salt water flushed and we have installed 7 Solar hot water heaters. Solar panels are next, budget permitting.

We frequently clean trash from the ocean area around the gorgeous but sometimes plastic trash polluted beachs. This washes down from Lombok's rivers around the 12 SW. Gili islands. We work hard to educate our staf and the local people to realize that 'GLOBAL WARMING' is real and happening at a alarming rate. For some lucky reason, the ocean water around the 12 South West Gilis are still flourishing. Lucky indeed! Here is a recent quote written by Joni Hari about the loss of Ocean Plankton that is happening all around the world.

"Plant plankton are tiny creatures that live in the oceans and carry out a job you and I depend on to stay alive. They produce half the world's oxygen, and suck up planet-warming carbon dioxide. Yet this year, one of the world's most distinguished scientific journals, Nature, revealed that 40 per cent of them have been killed by the warming of the oceans since 1950. Professor Boris Worm, who co-authored the study, said in shock: "I've been trying to think of a biological change that's bigger than this and I can't think of one." That has been the result of less than one degree of warming. Now we are on course for at least three degrees more warming this century. What will happen?" Very good question: Our answer is do what you can when you can and keep talking to whoever may listen.

Thank for your consideration, Secret Island Resort Mangement


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